If you like strategy games, Chaos Age is a must-play strategy game about fierce battle on all platforms. The game makes players embodied into powerful leaders, lead their troops to win over other players. 

Anarchy is a strategy game which the players requires to build a village, train troops and Win the battle. This game features also Clan war which the Clan will declare the war to other clan and plan their strategies to win in clan war. Play now and build your own clan with your friends.

Anarchy attracts users with its events such as: Rose Legend, Rock Maze, Resource Island, and Thief Treasure. Plus, a system of characters including King, Queen, and Great Exorcist will increase powers for leaders in the battle. 


• Free strategy game to play

• Plentiful items and resources which are frequently updated for users to maintain or upgrade
• Fiery clan battles to delimitate territory

• Various characters with more than 10 kinds of General with different level 

• Challenge with users all over the world 
• Unique voice chat feature to connect with friends and share your feelings