★ Zingplay is a fascinating multi-platform gaming portal for all gamers. Not only bringing the meaning of 3F (Fun, Friendly & Free-to-play) to gamers, Zingplay Games Portal also released mobile version to meet gamers demand of playing anytime, anywhere without having to install many games ★

Poker ZingPlay

  • Free to download
  • Best experience – play Texas Hold’Em and traditional Poker
  • Compete with Poker masters
  • Play Poker Online with real experience

iFish ZingPlay

  • 11 cannons with different power and bullets
  • Gorgeous themes, Beautiful graphics
  • Special effects for each BOSS
  • 1st “Gourd Crab Fish Tiger” mode with 9 players
  • Over 10 MILLION Ifish shooters worldwide!

Ludo ZingPlay

  • Combination of Traditional Ludo and Monopoly
  • Unique and cute characters with distinct skillsets
  • Various special skills to beat your opponents
  • Various channels and modes
  • Daily free gifts, daily quests and missions with rewards
  • Join special events and win rewards

Pool ZingPlay

  • One of the most popular sport games
  • Vivid graphics and unique collection of skills
  • Realistic gameplay experience, just like playing pool in real life!

Miracle Dice

  • Play and interact online with thousands of other players with 3F (Fast – Fun – Free) factors
  • High-end 3D graphics of Chibi-styled Celebrities and vibrant sound effects
  • A variety of renowned and amazing tourist destinations around the world
  • Become a Billionaire Monopoly and crush others to bankruptcy
  • Splendid and diverse systems of dice

Chaos Age ZingPlay

  • Real-time strategy game, free to play
  • Conquering medieval battles with your mighty tribes
  • Living up the Chaos Age, establishing new orders under your command!
  • Write your story, build your kingdom, defeat the nemesis!